Alvalegal y Naranjillo en beneficio del medio ambiente

“This new organizational structure allows the cooperative to refloat to maintain the source of work of the farmers present at the event, improving their quality of life and, at the same time, continue offering quality products to the market,” said Juan Carlos González, representative of Althelia , English investment fund, financial sponsor of Naranjillo.


The Naranjillo Group announced its return to the market at the X Cocoa and Chocolate Salon presenting a new image and restructuring with the creation of Naranjillo Agroindustrias Sostenibles (NAS), which aims to benefit its cooperative with the production and commercialization of derived products of cocoa and coffee, continuing with its old legacy in a sustainable way socially, environmentally and businessly.

  • The company was part of the signing of the Conservation Agreement of the Cordillera Azul National Park between CIMA and SERNANP.
  • They also signed the Letter of Intent with the Forest tewardship Council – FSC for the
    development of the Naranjillo 2021 Forest Environmental Services project.

The main objective of the Blue Agreement is to establish the conditions that both parties must meet for the proper development of the commitments assumed and the execution of conservation activities in prioritized areas agreed with the Headquarters of the Cordillera Azul National Park.

“Our main goal is to recover the social base, which are the partner farmers
of Naranjillo Cooperativa and financially stabilize Naranjillo Agroindustrias
Sostenibles, for this it is necessary to have the plant at its maximum
capacity and place good sales, especially at international level”

Gonzales said.

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