Grupo Naranjillo sale a reconquistar nuevos mercados

The company looks for place itself in three years among the four or three first cocoa
processors in the country, said Juan Carlos Gonzales.


After 3 years of being practically without operating, the Peruvian company Grupo Naranjillo, returned with force this 2019, in search of recovering its large customers of cocoa and coffee derivatives in the local and external markets ”

In 2013, the cooperative entered into a financial crisis that threatened its liquidation, but thanks to the negotiation with national and foreign creditors, in December last year, a financial and organizational restructuring process was chosen.

In export markets, they plan to reach South America and Asia in 2021. Today with the green coffee derivatives ready to roast, they reach 11 countries, mainly in Europe.

“Some countries that are targeted in South America are Chile, Colombia
and Brazil, but they are still markets that must be explored. In Asia we
could target China, Korea, Indonesia; Singapore, among others”

He indicated.

Source: Diario Gestión

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